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P A R O D Y   C A T E G O R I E S
In the world of parody, enough praise can't be lavished upon MAD MAGAZINE.  From its first appearance in 1952, MAD has been the king of comic book satire.  Comedy legends Stan Freberg, Ernie Kovacs and Bob & Ray were all early writers for MAD.  Featuring the most irreverant cartoons, fake advertisements, song parodies and masterful caricaturists like Mort Drucker and Jack Davis, countless humorists found their first inspiration in the pages of MAD, whose covers invariably featured gap-toothed "What, me worry?" poster child Alfred E. Newman.  Terry Gilliam of Monty Python has stated that MAD was the Bible for him and his whole generation. Happily, its groundbreaking classic pages are still available and ready to inspire future generations of satirists, thanks to a generous collection of best-of volumes.
While MAD MAGAZINE was readily consumed by all ages, the college crowd and up was the intended audience of NATIONAL LAMPOON.  Finding its origins in the HARVARD LAMPOON (which itself was inspired by the British periodical PUNCH), NATIONAL LAMPOON's style of humor was decidedly more adult and willing to leave teeth marks in its victims.  Some contributors went on to write for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Although NATIONAL LAMPOON ceased publication in 1998, its name lives on via films such as NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CLASS REUNION, which have nothing to do with the original publication, but which, through licensing, are permitted to don the familiar moniker.
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